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A Telescope Guide and Review

There is a very common mistake that every astronomer makes especially the beginners. They just decide they want to buy a telescope then rush to a certain mall, enter any electronic store and buy a telescope without considering some factors. A telescope may be cheap and of a poor design such that when you use it makes you get stressed because it does not meet the qualities of a good telescope. A telescope that is of a good quality will meet all your desires and expectations. It is important to consider some key points when you want to buy a telescope be it for the first time or just for a replacement. Below is a guide before you buy a telescope

When buying a telescope always the first thing to check is the aperture.The size of the lenses or mirror that focuses light from an object which is very far is what is called an aperture. If a telescope does not have a good size aperture then the images will be of low quality. The right size of the aperture will make you see objects clearly because using an aperture is just like enlarging the size of your pupil in the eye and seeing objects or images in a clear way. A good telescope is not determined by the magnification rather it is determined by the aperture. Some sellers of telescopes advertise it by using the magnification which is not good because a large magnification on an object gives blurred images.

Telescopes use lenses to refract light and mirrors to reflect light. Small telescopes always use lenses while the large ones use mirrors because it is more affordable and this is the best option for you. If you want to view terrestrial or celestial images you should use refracting lenses. Telescopes with reflection mirrors should be used to view birds, sailing boats and landscapes. Viewing the heavens is also good when you use reflecting mirrors. If you use reflecting mirrors, chromatic aberration where various colours are not brought to the sharp focus of the same angle.If you want a nice viewing always put your telescope facing the right direction Because of the earth moving around its own axis at night, you might notice the objects moving.

Buying telescopes from the streets, stores and camera shops with caution is not the best thing to do. The best places to buy a telescope are shops with the best and experienced astronomy experts. Specialists in telescope manufacturing produce better telescopes than any other manufacturers. Buy your telescope in a place where you will be allowed to first try it before fully buying.

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